What Is Zing Performance?

Zing Performance is a unique and effective program that can drive development and improve performance by focusing on a specific area of the brain, the cerebellum. With carefully designed activities that stimulate the cerebellum, Zing Performance unlocks the potential in the brain.

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Eye Tracking Assessment
Eye Tracking Assessment
Science behind the Program
Science behind the Program
Ready to Zing?

Ready to Zing?

  • Is your child struggling at school?
  • Is reading and writing hard work?
  • Is listening and retaining what you hear difficult?
  • Do you want to optimize your sporting performance?

Zing Performance is a program full of carefully designed activities that stimulate a key part of the brain, the cerebellum.

Training with Zing can increase your skills automation along with your memory, cognitive flexibility, and attention levels. The Zing program can also enhance social skills, improve wellbeing, improve depression symptoms and skyrocket productivity.

Children and adults with incompletely developed learning skills are often misunderstood – we can help find their potential.

The Power of the Brain’s Brain

The cerebellum is known as the brain’s brain.

It is the powerhouse of the mind that enables learning and automation. It is where your brain learns a new skill and then moves it to another part of the brain for instant recall.

Riding a bike, driving a car and reading, speaking and writing, and a million other tasks are skills which should become automatic.

When skills are not fully automatic they are hard work and add extra strain on the functioning of your brain.

We Love Learning

The cerebellum begins to develop as soon as we’re born and keeps active throughout our lives as we learn new skills. Every time we challenge the cerebellum by trying something new, it tries to convert the activity into an automatic skill.

Some people find that they repeatedly learn and practice a new activity, but they simply cannot convert it into an automatic skill.

The cerebellum isn’t working to its optimal performance.

Let's Re-engage

Let's Re-engage

Not learning properly leads us to become overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed.

When this happens, you are unable to get the most out of your life.

There is a solution. There is a way to re-engage the brain’s brain and optimize learning.

The Brain-Body Connection

Through our neuroscientific research, Zing Performance focuses on making the fundamental brain-body skills as automatic as possible so that the brain can continue to learn.

The skills that the Zing Performance Program develops, include;

  • Visual Processing – This is how the brain makes sense of what your eyes see
  • Auditory Processing – How the brain makes sense of what your ears are hearing
  • Balance and Coordination – The ability to navigate the space around you and handle physical objects
  • Communication and Speaking – Being able to turn thoughts and feelings into words that others can understand
  • Social Skills – Understanding the intention, emotions, body language and beliefs of others to adapt to different environments and situations.
No Age Limits

No Age Limits

Our program focuses on the incredible brain-body connection and uses a range of brain-body activities that can form new neural pathways. These neural pathways can help the core skills that you may struggle with to become automatic.

Your brain can form these new neural pathways at any stage of life. It is never too late to expand your learning and harness your potential.