Own a business changing lives

If you’re inspired by our life-changing mission, there’s an exciting opportunity for you. As a Zing Mentor, you can own an independent business, sharing ours and your story with others.

Be A Part Of The Transformation Story

Zing Performance aims to bring life-changing results to as many people as possible. To do this, we need the care, understanding, and support of passionate Mentors to build our Zing Performance community. These men and women are the secret to our success as they bring caring, kindness and the desire to help change lives to every interaction.

Run A Business With Heart

By joining Zing Performance as a Mentor, you can play an influential role in transforming lives. You can be there to nurture, support and celebrate your team as they break barriers, smash goals and reach new heights.

While unlocking the potential of community members, you can unlock the potential of your career as you generate an income from changing lives for the better.

Rewarding. Fulfilling. Life-changing.

If you are at your best when you are helping others to be the best, then a role as a Zing Mentor can give you your place in a dynamic and caring community. As well as earning money through the development of others, you’ll be an integral part of heart-warming memories and success stories that ensure unbeatable job satisfaction.

As a Mentor, you will be part of the Zing community. With this, we’ll support you with the tools, knowledge and marketing essentials so that you can help as many people as possible

How Can I Get Started?

How Can I Get Started?

Once you determine how you want to run your new venture, Zing will provide the tools and know-how. We start by creating a personalized website that’s exclusive for your venture. This will help you to spread the word to prospects and potential beneficiaries and establish a network so you can build your own team of life-changing Mentors.

You’ll also receive a marketing pack full of fantastic advice and tools to make it as easy as possible to showcase the benefits of Zing and your role as a Mentor. We’ll provide the assessment tools and equipment you need to support each member of your community whether you target kids, athletes or adults.

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