ADHD son has developed significantly…

My 8 year old son completed this program (he was 7 when he started) after being diagnosed with ADHD and given Ritalin for school days. I just randomly found it online and thought there’s nothing to lose really…
His development at school has been significantly noticeable even on days we forget his medication. To the point where he is now being referred to the gifted and talented program for when he enters grade 4 this year.
Was this easy? Yes and no. Some days it was a battle. When it was done without complaint the time went fast. The exercises were a mix of easy and challenging but we definitely saw improvement! The update to change the avatar made it slightly more interesting which helped!

But the real 5 stars come from the support. We were able to call and video chat with Alison who managed our son’s case and the encouragement we received was beyond anything I could have asked for!!

I don’t think we would be where we are today if it wasn’t for this program, and we will be forever grateful that we found it!!

Jesssica, Mother