Zing for kids gets my warmest recommendation

It has been very touching for me to see how my daughter Frida ( 8 years old ), has benefited from doing zing.

Frida has become much better at spelling words and reading. Her balance has improved and the same thing has happened regarding her motion sickness.

Best of all, she is now able to work with the anxiety that she has been struggling with for a long time. She is now able to make herself calm and often she is able to choose not to let the fear control her decisions.

We have had the BEST support in Alison from the zing team, who has been our coach all the way. She has been explaining the development of the brain and analyzed Frida’s monthly test. When there have been hard times for Frida, Alison has been able to cheer her up and to motivate her.

The program is kids friendly, even when you come from another country and your child doesn’t speak English.

Zing for kids gets my warmest recommendation.

Annika, Mother