Zing Performance

Zing Performance empowers children and adults across the world to unleash their potential. It is our mission to help children excel in lifelong learning. Our close-knit Zing community supports children and their families with friendship and expert advice. We believe in transforming the lives of everyone involved.

Wynford Dore

Founder CEO

A successful entrepreneur, Wynford Dore has been the founder of many successful companies and the creator of countless forward-thinking, innovative solutions. For the last 20 years, Wynford has focused his attention on changing the world, one brain at a time, through Zing Performance. Wynford funds many research projects and works with leading academics to determine the best solutions that successfully accelerate learning in the brain.

Through Wynford’s dedication, Zing Performance now has the tools, scientific research, and strategy to achieve the results that every parent and child wants to see. Not stopping there, Wynford hopes Zing Performance can help as many people as possible and will provide the successful results and feedback that can transform government policy on education.

Our Mission

To deliver life-changing transformations in learning and development to as many people as possible through science-backed tools, programs, and services.

Our Values

Just like a family, Zing Performance live and breathe the core values that matter to us.

Feel Inspired

Every success story that we hear inspires us to keep driving our program forward and reaching out to as many people as possible.

Care Deeply

We know what it is like to feel misunderstood; our passion lies in discovering every hidden potential.

Discover Daily

Every day we strive to discover exciting new ways to change lives for the better and when we do, we want to share it with others.

Celebrate Science

Neuroscientists and psychologists guide our development so that Zing Performance has scientific credibility and integrity driving our business forward.

Give Generously

Our role is to make our technology as accessible to as many people as possible; this is why we are looking to set-up a scholarship fund to help those less advantaged.

Continually Improve

As Zing Performance grows, we look for more ways to support our community and ensure the program is always at its best.

Our Expert Panel Our Expert Panel

Our Expert Panel

At Zing Performance, we ensure we are at the forefront of the latest developments and discoveries in neuroscience. This is why we draw on advice from a world class expert panel.  They are all leaders in their academic field and advise us on aspects of research to measure the outcomes of our program.


Prof Rod Nicolson

Head of Department of Psychology at Edgehill University


Dr Peter Jensen

President of the Reach Institute

Dr Jim Jaccard

Professor of Psychology at New York University

Dr Phil Clarke

Lecturer in Psychology at UDOL

Dr Michael Owen

Lecturer in Child and Adult Mental Health & Social Care at Edgehill University