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Learn how to increase your mental capacity

How do you increase mental capacity?

With neuroscience-driven coordination exercises uniquely tailored to your brain, growing neural pathways and enhancing mental capacity.

Zing Performance has created a suite of programs suited to your needs.

Enhances learning, memory capacity, and cognition
Improves mental well-being and stress management
Enhances Athletic Performance and Mental Agility
Enhances focus and emotional control for ADHD symptoms

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Kids Struggling at School Wanting to Achieve More

Jenny struggles daily at school: her reading challenges turn each sentence into a maze, her focus drifts during lessons, and making friends feels like an insurmountable task. Yet, her parents see a bright mind within, poised to shine with the right support.

Business Executives Wanting to Succeed

Tom, a business executive, faces daily challenges: navigating complex projects, maintaining focus in meetings, and feeling isolated at networking events. We know that he has untapped potential and sharp intellect ready to be unleashed.

Retirees Wanting to Maintain and Enhance their Abilities

Margaret, in her later years, contends with challenges: daily activities now evoke confusion and fatigue, and socializing has become more difficult, distancing her from her community. At Zing Performance, we see her enduring resilience and vibrant spirit, eager for life's connections and experiences.

Elevate your mental strength to overcome stress

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Feeling Overwhelmed and Wanting to Thrive

Jane, a mother, feels overwhelmed with daily life, struggling with tasks and toddler chaos. Social interactions now heighten her sense of isolation. Yet, her inherent strengths are recognized by those close to her. At Zing Performance, we see her resilience and potential, ready to be nurtured and revealed.

Anxious and Wanting to Take Back Control

Tom, a veteran adjusting to civilian life, faces overwhelming challenges with routine tasks and social interactions, feeling disconnected from his military discipline and brotherhood. His loved ones, including fellow veterans, see his resilience and potential. At Zing Performance, we recognize his strength, ready to support his journey.

Wanting to Perform Under Pressure and Thrive

Dr. Meena, amidst her demanding medical career, grapples with overwhelming stress, struggles with focus, and feels disconnected in social settings. At Zing Performance, we see her resilience and capability, knowing her true potential can be unlocked with the right tools.

Boost Your Brain, Raise Your Game

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Enhancing your Performance

In her athletic career, Sarah faces overwhelming training sessions, struggles with focus during key moments, and feels isolated from teammates. At Zing Performance, we recognize her exceptional, yet untapped talent, ready to shine.

Finding the edge over competitors

Jack, an American football player, battles demanding training, struggles with maintaining focus in key game moments, and wrestles with performance anxiety. At Zing Performance, we see his raw talent and believe he has the potential to achieve true greatness with tailored support.

Gaining Consistency to Win More

Tyler, a young golfer aiming to turn pro, faces the challenge of mastering complex shots and maintaining focus during pivotal tournament moments. Also, coping with the high expectations and pressure of the competitive golf environment adds to his stress. At Zing Performance, we see a future star in Tyler, possessing immense potential and standing at the cusp of professional success.

Break Free from ADHD limitations

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Adults with ADHD Who Want to Flourish

Ethan, an adult with ADHD, faces challenges with staying organized at work, managing time effectively, and maintaining relationships. His innovative ideas and adaptability, however, highlight his potential. At Zing Performance, we’re committed to helping Ethan channel his talents effectively.

ADHD Challenges in Retirement

As a 66-year-old retiree with ADHD, Hank struggles with focus, organization, and maintaining connections with others. Yet, he knows the significance of managing his symptoms. At Zing Performance, we're committed to helping individuals like Hank unlock their potential in retirement.

Students with ADHD Who Want to Flourish

Sophia, a university student with ADHD, struggles with managing coursework, staying attentive during lectures, and feeling overwhelmed by social demands. Despite these challenges, her intelligence and creativity shine. Zing Performance is here to support Sophia in harnessing her unique strengths.


What Users Say

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"Miraculous results, confidence skyrocketing"

"Miraculous results, confidence skyrocketing" are just some of the comments by Michael's family after completing the Zing Program.

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Feeling more confident, having a lot more fun.

Feeling more confident, having a lot more fun. I'm excited to see where he's going to go from here.

Dr. Dawn Hill Mullis
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I can do this

Hear the remarkable story of a young girl named Zoe who used the Zing Program - moving her from “I can’t do this” to “I can do this”.

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6 months in, his reading just exploded

"6 months in, his reading just exploded. We know it was because his eyes weren't tracking correctly. Now he can read a sentence properly."

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From young students to elite athletes

From young students to elite athletes we share two remarkable stories on how the Zing Program app can radically change people’s lives.

* Above results are not necessarily typical and due to the individualized nature of the Program your experience may differ. See zingperformance.com/terms.
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