Are you losing sleep worrying?

Poor reading, poor focus, difficulty with writing and spelling are just a few of the worries parents face when their child is struggling at school.

“Will they struggle forever?”

“Why is my child misunderstood”

“I want to do everything I can for my child – but what can I do?”

You need to find answers for these questions. You need them now!

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Dr Daniel Amen - Founder of Amen Clinics and BrainMD

How to's on the cerebellum, learning disabilities, and vestibular stimulation with Wynford Dore.

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Dr Ned Hallowell - Founder of the Hallowell Centers

"I’m a big fan of this very remarkable and unique online Program, which unlocks potential, improves performance and creates lasting change."

Dr Albert Mensah - Founder of Mensah Medical

"This has opened up an entire spectrum of what we now understand to be correctable conditions and the science behind them. Thank you Mr Dore."

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Stop Struggling In School' was written by Zing Performance's founder Wynford Dore. Find out the real reason your child is struggling…and how to unleash their true potential

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"Miraculous results, confidence skyrocketing" are just some of the comments by Michael's family after completing the Zing Program.

Michael - USA

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Hear the remarkable story of a young girl named Zoe who used the Zing Program - moving her from “I can’t do this” to “I can do this”.

Zoe - UK

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From young students to elite athletes we share two remarkable stories on how the Zing Program app can radically change people’s lives.

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Wynford Dore has made appearances in many highly regarded magazines and popular media including: