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Are you losing sleep worrying?

Poor reading, poor focus, difficulty with writing and spelling are just a few of the worries parents face when their child is struggling at school.

“Will they struggle forever?”

“Why is my child misunderstood”

“I want to do everything I can for my child – but what can I do?”

You need to find answers for these questions. You need solutions which can help. You need it now!


Poor reading ability is often just a SKILL that hasn’t been fully developed – and that’s something that can be transformed. Smooth movement of the eyes is critical – the letters and words go in smoothly, and the brain can effortlessly turn them into words that are understood. 

When this skill is not fully developed – the eyes jump around, the letters go in scrambled – and reading is hard. Because the letters are going in, in the wrong order they never see the letters of any given word in the same order twice – so learning to spell is a nightmare.

Focusing and paying attention is impossible? What causes that??

There are many possible causes – but one of the biggest contributors (and is often overlooked) is that a key skill is not fully developed.  This time it is “auditory processing” – the skill of turning the sound waves into thoughts that are understood. You can “hear” but can’t comprehend.  

Children are blamed for being “lazy”.  For them to focus on listening for a few minutes is really hard work – in fact they might do as much mental work in that short time as the rest of the class will do in a whole day.  They get mentally exhausted.

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