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Albert Einstein was dyslexic - but didn’t lack intelligence - he lacked SKILLS! Here’s a NEW approach to reading struggles.

Einstein didn’t find reading or writing easy.  In fact his teacher said, “It doesn’t matter what he does, he will never amount to anything.”  Sound familiar?  What Einstein had is similar to millions of children sitting struggling in classrooms – incomplete skill development

This contradicts what many believe – that if reading and writing is hard work, then you can’t be very intelligent.

A wrong assumption.  Skills CAN be developed.

At Zing we have many years of experience doing just that – with amazing results.

What makes it worse is that the problem is so misunderstood – by nearly everyone. We’ve a way of showing you whether your child’s reading issues are simply “skills” that can be developed – it takes just 15 minutes.

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Andre is now a lot calmer and we have fun together, there is a lot of happiness in the house.

Violah, Mother

Writing is getting easier everyday. We did see huge improvements in the past 8 months but now its like he is improving by the minute!

Martine, Mother

I had a meeting with his class teacher & Educational Psychologist this week. I had the best feedback from them. Its like a light bulb is on and he can see things clearly now.

Inderjit, Mother

Focusing and paying attention is impossible? What causes that??

There are many possible causes – but one of the biggest contributors (and is often overlooked) is that a key skill is not fully developed.  This time it is “auditory processing” – the skill of turning the sound waves into thoughts that are understood. You can “hear” but can’t comprehend.  

This skill deficit is usually misunderstood.  Children are blamed for being lazy – as if they are “choosing” to not concentrate.  For them to focus on listening for a few minutes is really hard work – in fact they might do as much mental work in that short time as the rest of the class will do in a whole day.  They get mentally exhausted.

Why does it happen and what can we do about it?

Why does it happen and what can we do about it?

The development of the “listening” skill has stuck. It has reached a glass ceiling.  Normally skills get better with practice, but, no matter how much you listen, the skill doesn’t get any better.

Using recent research on how we develop skills further now means there is hope.  Our stimulation Programs target the brain’s skill development centre to increase plasticity – to break through that glass ceiling.  When concentration gets easier, things usually get a lot calmer too.

When can I start? 

  1. Talk to one of our program advisers – they will explain the process
  2. We’ll arrange for you to take our simple assessment
  3.  If the assessment shows that we are likely to be able to help then let’s get started!

When is a good time to speak to you?

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