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How do you increase mental capacity?

With neuroscience-driven coordination exercises uniquely tailored to your brain, growing neural pathways and enhancing mental capacity.

Zing Performance has created a suite of programs suited to your needs.

CereSkills enhances cognitive development and learning capabilities for individuals of all ages, focusing on academic excellence and professional development.
CereMind utilizes cognitive exercises and EMDR to improve mental fitness and stress management across various demographics, including seniors and professionals.
CereFit specializes in boosting sports performance and cognitive function through targeted exercises designed for athletes and active individuals.
The Hallowell Brain Health program provides targeted help for ADHD, enhancing focus and reducing symptoms using cognitive exercises and innovative strategies.

How Zing Performance Works

Firing Up Your Brain

Our programs are designed to engage your brain actively, sparking neuroplasticity through bespoke coordinative exercises. These exercises concentrate on the Cerebellum, a key but often undervalued area of the brain integral to learning and cognitive skills. Tailored and adaptive, our exercises ensure a highly personalized brain development journey. This is achieve by stimulating the balance system;

The 3 Pillars of the Balance System:


The Somatosensory System

What It Does: This system is your body's sensory dashboard, tracking touch, pressure, and where your limbs are, which is essential whether you're typing or working out.

How It Helps the Cerebellum: It feeds your cerebellum details about your body's position, helping fine-tune your movements for better precision


The Visual System

What It Does: Processes what you see, helping you navigate spaces effectively-useful when driving or moving through busy streets.

How It Helps the Cerebellum: Provides visual cues to your cerebellum, aligning your physical responses with what you see, like catching a frisbee or dodging obstacles.


The Vestibular System

What It Does: Acts like your internal balance control, crucial for keeping you steady during activities like working out or when you're on a crowded train.

How It Helps the Cerebellum: It updates your cerebellum about body movements, enhancing balance and eye coordination.


What Users Say

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"Miraculous results, confidence skyrocketing"

"Miraculous results, confidence skyrocketing" are just some of the comments by Michael's family after completing the Zing Program.

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Feeling more confident, having a lot more fun.

Feeling more confident, having a lot more fun. I'm excited to see where he's going to go from here.

Dr. Dawn Hill Mullis
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I can do this

Hear the remarkable story of a young girl named Zoe who used the Zing Program - moving her from “I can’t do this” to “I can do this”.

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6 months in, his reading just exploded

"6 months in, his reading just exploded. We know it was because his eyes weren't tracking correctly. Now he can read a sentence properly."

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From young students to elite athletes

From young students to elite athletes we share two remarkable stories on how the Zing Program app can radically change people’s lives.

* Above results are not necessarily typical and due to the individualized nature of the Program your experience may differ. See zingperformance.com/terms.

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The Zing Performance innovative learning program enhances cognitive performance using brain-based activities.

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