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Dr Ned Hallowell - World Authority on ADHD

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My methods are rooted in my 30+ years of experience not only living with ADHD myself but also treating patients of all ages who have ADHD.

I believe that everyone deserves a chance to harness the wonderful gift of ADHD, but too many don't have access to the best care possible. People are often undiagnosed and under-treated. Too often ADHD is positioned as a problem, with no positives. And people don't realize that there is more than just medication for the management of ADHD. These are all the reasons why I partnered with Zing Performance on this program.

I look forward to helping you thrive in life!

Dr. Edward (Ned) Hallowell
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Increasing Mental Capacity - A New Approach To Tackling ADHD Symptoms

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Tailored solution for your needs

The Missing Puzzle Piece

The Hallowell Brain Health program isn't another quick fix – it's a comprehensive solution that addresses the root cause of your struggles. Our personalized program is specially designed to sharpen your focus, enhance cognitive performance, and equip you with strategies to manage distractions effectively. With just 5-10 minutes of your day, embark on a journey that goes beyond superficial changes to foster deep, lasting transformation.

In every situation where ADHD presents a challenge, our program stands as a beacon of hope, transforming the hurdles of ADHD in daily life, academic pursuits, and professional endeavors into opportunities for cognitive development and personal growth.

* Above results are not necessarily typical and due to the individualized nature of the Program your experience may differ. See zingperformance.com/terms.

World-class programs personalized to your needs

  • Comprehensive Assessments

    Internationally Recognized Evaluations: Gain insights from assessments that measure cognitive and emotional skills.

    Dr. Hallowell's Strengths and Talents Assessment: Discover your unique strengths and talents with an assessment crafted by Dr. Hallowell, designed to uncover your potential.

  • Personalized Cerebellum Exercise Program

    Experience a custom exercise regimen that targets the Cerebellum, the brain's powerhouse for cognitive functions. Improving areas like: Concentration and Focus, Memory Recall, Auditory and Visual Working Memory, Hyperactivity and Impulsivity.

  • Tailored Coaching Sessions

    Guided EMDR Coaching: After 10 days of cerebellum exercises, you will have a guided EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) session. Our trained Zing EMDR coach will assist helping you effectively manage stress, anxiety, or trauma.

    Personal Coaching from a Hallowell-Trained Expert: In addition to Dr. Hallowell's insights, you'll benefit from personalized coaching sessions with a coach trained directly the Hallowell Centre. This tailored support is aimed at helping you apply strategies effectively in your life, ensuring you achieve the best possible outcomes.

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What User's Say


I've participated in the program for 9 months. It was certainly a game changer experience. After the program, I certainly had more energy to deal with life. I am diagnosed with ADHD and it certainly helped a lot to reduce the symptoms and even stop with the medication.


Been doing the program for 14 months and the transformation has been amazing. My craftsmanship at work has significantly improved. My day-to-day memory has got a lot better, and now I read a book quite happily instead of the hard work it used to be. My school diagnosed me with dyslexia & ADHD.


I highly recommend this treatment approach to anyone struggling. The tools and strategies provided in this treatment plan have been invaluable for managing my ADHD.

* Above results are not necessarily typical and due to the individualized nature of the Program your experience may differ. See zingperformance.com/terms.

About Dr Hallowell

Dr. Edward (Ned) Hallowell, a Harvard psychiatrist who wrote in 1994 the book that changed the way the world sees ADHD, widely recognized as a classic. He has authored over 40 books since and helped usher a new era of understanding, support, and treatment options for people with ADHD.

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Start your Journey

  • Enhances focus and learning abilities for ADHD
  • For adults aged 18+ with ADHD
  • Personalized daily exercises
  • Includes 2 coached EMDR sessions
  • Monitor progress every 30 days
  • Combines neuroplasticity exercises with EMDR techniques
  • Includes 3 Hallowell-trained Coaching sessions
  • Accessible via app
  • UK & US based support

90 Day Bootcamp

Step into an exciting world where your brain’s potential is boundless!


Includes 10% off

Let's Start


Followed by 2 monthly payments at $332.33

Let's Start

After the 90 day bootcamp continue for a low monthly cost of $37.97. Cancel at any time.

Special Offer: Upgrade to Hallowell Brain Health+

Get more value with our premium bundle! Upgrade from the 90-day program with 2 coaching sessions, to 12 months of Hallowell Brain Health access with 4 personalized EMDR coaching sessions.

Why Upgrade?

Extended Access: 12 months of program access.
More Coaching: 4 personalized coaching sessions.
Better Results: Ongoing support to achieve your goals.

All this for just 3 monthly payments of $399.00$1077.30. Enhance your journey and achieve your goals now.

Upgrade Now Continue to Hallowell Brain Health

Upgrade Now Continue to Hallowell Brain Health

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