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Our program not only enhances brain function but ultimately human potential and performance. You do not need any special equipment or expensive medication; just follow our simple and effective brain-body training exercises.

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Discover a new way to learn

Zing is an innovative, research-backed program that taps into how we learn. It’s not about acquiring more knowledge or studying harder. Instead, it is exercising the brain, so it learns to automate processes, store more information, and make it easier to learn and experience new things.

With Zing, you can unlock a wealth of skills and abilities through brain-body training.

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How Zing works

  • Receive a daily set of coordinative exercises via the Zing app

  • Enjoy fun challenges at home with ease – no expensive equipment needed

  • Rate each activity to tailor your experience and watch your learning confidence grow!

  • Complete a monthly assessment to track your progress.

  • Zing coaches are on hand to support you throughout your journey.

Zing Exercises

Check out some of the example exercises you can expect to see in the Zing app and try them for yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Zing Performance program?

Zing Performance focuses on improving fundamental skills so you can acquire knowledge faster and master new tasks with greater ease, once skills become more automatic there is less stress on the brain and so increasing ‘mental resources’.

How long does it take to perform the exercises?

Every session contains two sets of exercises which take approximately 10 minutes.

How will I know if I am improving?

Every 30 days you will be asked to complete cognitive Assessment, this will monitor your performance and show the improvements you have made in cognitive skill areas. Graphs visually show you your progress.

Along with monitoring your own skill improvements, you can also ask friends and family whether they have noticed any changes in you. Others often notice changes before you!

What is the research/science behind the Zing Performance program?

The scientific research that helped form the Zing Performance program surrounds the study and development of the Cerebellum. The Cerebellum is the part of the brain responsible for the automation of fundamental skills. It helps develop skills from being consciously controlled by the thinking part of the brain (the Prefrontal Cortex), to being automated and controlled by the Cerebral Cortex - which is far more efficient.

To view the Introduction to Science document please click on the following link; https://portal.zingperformance.com/docs/science/The-Science-Explained.pdf

My child is under 7, can they use the program?

For children under 7 the cerebellum still has more developing of its own natural accord to do. In the meantime, our suggestion for children under 7 is to have some fun by way of controlled physical movement such as swimming and jumping on a trampoline. Any coordinative exercise will help with the development of the neural pathways in their brain.

How much does the Zing Performance Program cost?

The cost of the Zing Performance Program is $497 for an initial 90 day bootcamp. After that the cost is $37.97 per month, this will be billed automatically each month unless cancelled. You can cancel at any time by contacting support@zingperformance.com

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The Zing Performance innovative learning program enhances cognitive performance using brain-based activities.

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