The Science

We draw on research from many academics and research institutes. Our passion is to bring the latest neuroscience into our programs to make it accessible to all.

It starts in the brain

For many, doing something repeatedly makes a skill become automatic, for example, riding a bike or driving. We start learning by making mistakes, but with practice, it is something you do on autopilot, without thinking. This ability is created by a part of the brain called the cerebellum.

Where’s the Cerebellum?

The cerebellum is a part of the brain at the back of the skull. Some call it the ‘brain’s brain’.


What does it do?

The cerebellum "learns" - by creating the skills and processes that happen without us having to think.

How does Zing help the cerebellum?

Zing uses cerebellum stimulation exercises to increase the plasticity of the brain, making it ready to develop further.


Piecing together the science

Zing Performance comes with decades of research and science-backed results. As we continue developing our Zing program and ensuring the best possible results for our users, we draw on advice and learnings from world-class research establishments and academics.

work process
work process

Zing is science-backed

Our research found that you can activate this amazing part of the brain by targeting the cerebellum with coordinative exercises like;

  • shape
  • shape
  • shape

Vestibular stimulation

Eye-tracking activities

Balancing and coordination stimulation

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