What Is Zing Performance?

Zing Performance is a unique and effective program that can drive development and improve performance by focusing on a specific area of the brain, the cerebellum. With carefully designed activities that stimulate the cerebellum, Zing Performance unlocks the potential in the brain.

An Overview Of The Cerebellum

‘The Brain’s Brain’

The power of Zing lies in recent discoveries about part of the brain, the Cerebellum. Sometimes known as “the brain’s brain”, it is a small yet major brain region, at only 10% of the brain’s volume it holds 75% of the total neurons.

It is responsible for the automation of fundamental skills. These skills include those needed for reading, writing, listening, spatial awareness, language skills and social interaction. When these skills are not fully developed many everyday tasks become slower and harder to complete.

We Love Learning

The cerebellum begins to develop as soon as we’re born and keeps active throughout our lives as we learn new skills. Every time we challenge the cerebellum by trying something new, it tries to convert the activity into an automatic skill.

Some find that even though they repeatedly practice a new activity, they cannot convert it into an automatic skill. They’ve hit a glass ceiling.

The cerebellum isn’t working to its optimal performance.

Brain - Body Connection Brain - Body Connection
Brain - Body Connection

The Key To Lasting Improvements

The Zing programs enhance human performance with programs designed to break through the “glass ceilings” that often curtails key skill development. Using a personalised program of coordinative exercises accessed via an app, we stimulate the connections in your brain so you can perform at your best. Neurological assessments are used to monitor your progress and update you on your changes monthly.

Let's Re-engage

Through our neuroscientific research, Zing Performance focuses on making the fundamental brain-body skills as automatic as possible so that the brain can continue to learn.

The skills that the Zing Performance Program develops, include;

  • Visual Processing – This is how the brain makes sense of what your eyes see
  • Auditory Processing – How the brain makes sense of what your ears are hearing
  • Balance and Coordination – The ability to navigate the space around you and handle physical objects
  • Communication and Speaking – Being able to turn thoughts and feelings into words that others can understand
  • Social Skills – Understanding the intention, emotions, body language and beliefs of others to adapt to different environments and situations.

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