The Science Behind Zing

Making Complex Brain Science Available To All

"Zing Performance is the most exciting breakthrough in treatment of ADHD and other related cognitive and emotional issues since the introduction of stimulant medication in 1937."
Dr Ned Hallowell

Welcome to the fascinating world of brain science

Our mission is simple but powerful - to unlock the incredible potential of your brain, no matter your age or background. Let's dive into the science that powers our programs.

The Brain

Your Personal Supercomputer

Consider your brain a constantly adapting supercomputer with a network of neurons behind all thoughts and actions. This network isn’t fixed; it can evolve and strengthen through targeted training, thanks to neuroplasticity.


Your Brain's Superpower

Neuroplasticity, simply put, is your brain's capacity to rewire and form new neural connections through learning or practicing skills, similar to muscle building. Although it peaks in childhood, the great news is you can harness this ability at any age.


The Unsung Hero

Beyond its known role in balance, it is a powerhouse for cognitive functions such as attention, memory, and problem-solving. Our exercises target the Cerebellum to boost these abilities, making learning and processing information easier and more efficient.


How Zing Performance Works

Firing Up Your Brain

Our programs are designed to engage your brain actively, sparking neuroplasticity through bespoke coordinative exercises. These exercises concentrate on the Cerebellum, a key but often undervalued area of the brain integral to learning and cognitive skills. Tailored and adaptive, our exercises ensure a highly personalized brain development journey. This is achieve by stimulating the balance system;

The 3 Pillars of the Balance System:


Proprioceptive System

Think of this as your body's inherent navigation system, with sensors in your muscles and joints that inform your brain about your limbs' positions, enhancing coordination.


Visual System

This is about how your eyes interact with the environment. It's essential for coordinating movements and maintaining balance.


Vestibular System

Located in the inner ear, this system is crucial for maintaining balance and understanding your spatial orientation, ensuring you stay upright and coordinated.

Impact of Cerebellum Development with Balance Exercises

When you engage in balance-enhancing activities it not only improves physical stability it also unlocks several benefits for your Cerebellum:

Elevated Cognitive Abilities

Challenging your balance prompts the Cerebellum to form new neural connections, which enhances memory, focus, and problem-solving capabilities.

Enhanced Emotional Well-being

A fortified Cerebellum offers improved emotional regulation, fostering greater resilience against stress and anxiety.

Overall Brain Health Improvement

Focusing on the Cerebellum benefits the entire cognitive system, fostering a more robust, efficient brain.

Real-World Benefits

From Science to Skills

When you participate in our exercises, you're enhancing more than just theoretical brain functions. You're developing skills that apply seamlessly to real-life situations. Improved memory, heightened focus, and enhanced problem-solving skills can revolutionize your everyday life, from excelling in exams and mastering new hobbies to boosting your confidence in your capabilities.


Dive into the world of Zing Performance and experience firsthand the power of your brain's neuroplasticity. Let's unlock your cognitive excellence together!

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