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Help your child reduce emotional outbursts and improve relationships with our online skill development program.


Embarrassed about your child’s meltdowns?

That's why you're here, right? You don't have to feel guilty. It's not your fault, and it's not your child's. The brain is the key to unlocking how your child can control their emotions.

What if daily exercises could help improve their mental robustness and emotional outbursts?

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91% of people who were below average in emotional control improved*

*162 surveyed. Program compliance greater than 75% (March 2022)
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What is the Zing Program?

The Zing Performance at-home program stimulates the part of the brain responsible for creating skill and processes. When this happens the brain's ability to control attention, impulsivity, emotions and memory improves. Daily coordinative exercises the brain's processed information more efficiently, leading to less mental overload.

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How Does Zing Achieve This?

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Getting started

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    Take the Learning Assessment

    Memory recall, attention and working memory are fundamental skills for a child to learn in a classroom. This assessment tests these three skill areas and shows where your child's current skill level is compared to their peers.

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    Talk to one of our coaches

    Once you've completed the assessment schedule a call with a Zing coach. We'll talk through how Zing Performance can help and answer your questions about the program.

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    Find your Child’s Full Potential

    Performing Zing exercises for 10 minutes a day help your child able to unlock the full potential of their brain and help overcome their struggles.

Why are emotions difficult to control?

Hear Zing's Founder, Wynford Dore, explain

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What Parents Say


"I felt I needed to do something despite all the wonderful things that her school was doing. I am so glad I did because it really has made such a positive difference to her and it was just wonderful to see her happy and smiling again."


"Zing has turned his life around he is happy, amazingly confident, dramatically reduced emotional outbursts, and more energy. Before he would come home from school and collapse and have a meltdown from exhaustion. Even 10 minutes of homework would trigger a meltdown too. Now he comes home happy and energetic."


"Over the last year he has improved in so many areas of his life. He is less aggressive, angry and anxious. He has gone from 3 to 5 big temper tantrums and meltdowns every day to maybe one to two per month. If he does have a small meltdown/temper tantrum he is able to stop himself and self regulate."

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"Our 10 year old struggled with regulating emotions as well as academics. He has now completed the entire zing program and it’s like he is a new kid! He is able to handle difficult situations emotionally. He is getting mostly A’s and B’s in school. He is much happier and well adjusted."


"She is now able to work with the anxiety that she has been struggling with for a long time. She is now more calmer calm and often she is able to choose not to let the fear control her decisions."

* Above results are not necessarily typical and due to the individualized nature of the Program your experience may differ. See zingperformance.com/terms.

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The Zing Performance innovative learning program enhances cognitive performance using brain-based activities.

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