The Power of the Eye

At Zing Performance we know that a simple skill, eye tracking, can be the key to unlocking all sorts of wonderful hidden potential. We’ve developed an assessment to test yours to show you the impact it is having.

The Impact of our Eyes on Learning and Life The Impact of our Eyes on Learning and Life

The Impact of our Eyes on Learning and Life

Most of us assume that if our vision is fine, our eyes are doing all they can for us. Really though, eye tracking abilities are critical to reading, writing, studying and many aspects of everyday life.

From how well eyes move in coordination with one another to the ability to maintain visual concentration and focus over time, we can identify where a person shows strength and where improvements can be made.

The results of our carefully designed tracking assessments provide in-depth insights into the reasons people struggle with skills dependent on effective eye movement;

  • Reading (and comprehension), writing and spelling
  • Spatial awareness (driving and general observation)
  • Sporting skill precision and consistency


The Assessment

This 15 minute eye tracking assessment will lead you to find out so much about yourself or your child, things like;

Coordination of Both Eyes

When both eyes move equally in the same direction, reading and focusing on precise details come more naturally.

Response Time

The time it takes to move the eyes to a new location may be indicative of the time and energy it takes to process information.


Moving eyes to the desired location on the first try is ideal. When the eyes over or undershoot, adjustments must be made, which can be tiring and can also result in missing words, letters or even entire pages.

Watching the movement of the eyes when reading is a true revelation – suddenly the reason for the struggles is obvious.

What poor eye tracking can affect

Reading - Difficulties tracking can make you much slower and less fluent. Making processing and retaining information when reading difficult

Concentration & Studying - Constantly having to re-read things so that your brain can process them better is tiring and affects focus and concentration

Spelling - With poor eye tracking the reader sees the letters in a scrambled way so learning to spell is really difficult

Sporting Ability - is essential for precision hand-eye coordination, an athlete's focus, trajectory estimations, and many other key elements during a match.

Redefining your Potential Redefining your Potential

Redefining your Potential

We all have untapped brilliance inside. We know that developing the efficiency of the cerebellum, (the part of the brain responsible for eye movement) can improve a person’s skills in many areas of life. The Zing Performance program pinpoints the opportunities for potential development. It begins with an assessment and continues with a program personalized just for you.

We invite you to discover what’s possible.