Career and Partnership Opportunities

When you’ve watched someone’s life transform you start to notice others with similar challenges- and want them to benefit too. This is no surprise - many go through life with limitations - now we know how to help them overcome.

Be A Part Of The Transformation Story

Zing Performance aims to bring life-changing results to as many people as possible. To do this, we need the care, understanding, and support of passionate Partners and Healthcare Providers to build our Zing Performance community. These men and women are the secret to our success as they bring caring, kindness and the desire to help change lives to every interaction.

Become an Inspiring Zing Partner

within weeks you could be changing lives

By working with Zing Performance you can play an influential role in transforming lives. Our partners are trained how to assess, enrol and support people on the program. So while unlocking the potential of community members, you can unlock the potential of your career as you generate an income from changing lives for the better.

Zing Performance will be there every step of the way – through a full training program and access to assessments tools, so that you can show people where their difficulties lie and how Zing can help.

Healthcare Provider Partnerships

The Zing Performance programs are the perfect addition for Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Health coaches and many more.

Expand the range of services to your existing clients whilst tackling the root cause of many life limiting skill deficits; 

  • Poor learning skills – reading, writing and spelling
  • Poor focus and organisational skills
  • Stress and loss of emotional control
  • Decline on balance, coordination, memory and general skills in the elderly
What is involved? What is involved?

What is involved?

You’ll receive full training in the use of:-

  • How Zing Performance addresses the skill deficits of so many children, adults and athletes
  • How to assess a child or adult’s current learning or skill limitations – determine who will benefit – and who wouldn’t
  • How to evaluate key skills including eye tracking – and demonstrate how it impacts reading and writing
  • How the Zing Performance program breaks through the “glass ceilings” in development of key skills 

*Optional training is available for those specializing in enhanced skill precision for athletes.

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