Our program not only enhances brain function but ultimately human potential and performance. You do not need any special equipment or expensive medication; just follow our simple and effective brain-body training exercises.

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How Does Zing Performance Work?

At Zing Performance, we know that every learning journey is different. We all have our different strengths and struggles. With that in mind, we have three separate personalized training plans that are tailored specifically for children, adults, and athletes.

Zing for Children
Zing for Children
Zing for Adults
Zing for Adults
Zing for Athletes
Zing for Athletes

Getting Started: The Game-Changer

The life-changing Zing Performance program begins with a cognitive evaluation. Depending on your needs and situation, we either recommend an eye-tracking assessment or online cognitive evaluation. To make it as accessible as possible, there is no need for you to have any specialist equipment. All you need is a PC, tablet or laptop.

This assessment is suitable for children and adults alike. What’s more, you don’t have to do it alone. A Zing Performance Coach will be there to support you and talk you through the whole process.

The Life-Changing Solution

With the Zing Program, you’ll receive a daily training plan. It takes just ten minutes, twice a day to complete. These activities are tailored to suit children, adults, and athletes. All of the activities are simple to understand and can be performed almost anywhere. While they may sound easy, they challenge the brain and force the cerebellum to create new neural pathways that consolidate core skills and free up space in the brain for learning new things.

Every month, you can repeat the cognitive assessment to see your progress. We find that most of our community receive the life-changing benefits of our program after six months. However, everyone is different; some changes come quickly; some will need more time.

Outstanding results

Outstanding results

If you’re seeking changes with improved reading and writing, attention and emotional control, social interaction and sports performance, memory and information retention, wellbeing and happiness; Zing Performance can help.

Andre is now a lot calmer and we have fun together, there is a lot of happiness in the house.

Violah, Mother

Writing is getting easier everyday. We did see huge improvements in the past 8 months but now its like he is improving by the minute!

Martine, Mother

I had a meeting with his class teacher & Educational Psychologist this week. I had the best feedback from them. Its like a light bulb is on and he can see things clearly now.

Inderjit, Mother

Uplifting transformations

We developed the Zing Performance program through a web-based app, in order to reach more people and bring about more life-changing transformations. We believe in connections, and our Zing Performance Mentors are on hand to support you in the program.