Discovering EVERYONE'S Potential

Specially designed for kids and teenagers, Zing Performance can be an exciting transformative experience to assist children with their learning, studying, and development, helping them grow in confidence and ability.

Can your child benefit from Zing Performance?

Many parents in the Zing community come to us with common concerns;

Falling behind with reading, writing, and spelling

Struggling with sports, hand-eye coordination and team mentality

Finding it difficult to make friends and may suffer from bullying

Has a poor memory and finds it difficult to recall memories or recent learnings

Short attention span, lack of focus and concentration

Doesn’t enjoy school and hates doing homework and studying

Feels clumsy and uncoordinated, may regularly drop and bump into things

Feels shy, lonely, angry or frustrated and struggles to manage the emotional overload

Understanding How Development and Learning Happens

If you recognize any of these concerns, then Zing may be able to help. We know how difficult it is for the child and for the parent too.  You and your child are not to blame for these challenges. It is the process of learning that needs developing.

Zing Performance is not tutoring or medication.  The focus is on harnessing their potential by developing their skills so they become more natural. As a result, there is more capacity and scope to learn the things they love.

Zing Performance

Kids (7-18yrs)

Will This Benefit My Child?

We offer initial eye-tracking and cognitive assessments to quickly determine if the Zing Program is right for your child. The assessment takes just twenty minutes and covers the fundamental skills needed to learn and reach their potential. After the assessment, a coach will discuss the options so you can be sure before joining our community.